Eddyville to go to remote learning

EDDYVILLE — In a statement released Tuesday, Eddyville Charter School Principal and Superintendent Stacey Knudson announced that the K-12 school would move to comprehensive distance learning from Nov. 30 to Dec. 17, the beginning of winter break.

Eddyville has had first through fifth graders in on-site class four days a week since Sept. 28, and sixth through 12th graders have received in-person instruction since Oct. 5. The decision to temporarily revert to a remote model was not made lightly, Knudson said in the statement.

“Considering the rising number of (COVID-19) cases in Lincoln County, the exceptionally high number of cases in Benton County where several staff and students reside, and a recent contracted service employee who tested positive for COVID this week raised a significant number of red flags,” Knudson said.

The News-Times has received multiple reports from Eddyville parents, who said they and their children are quarantining after learning that a bus driver tested positive.

“Then, along with the upcoming holiday season, we felt it would be in the best interest of our community to limit exposure by transitioning to virtual school,” Knudsen said.

The Eddyville principal said she was confident the school could bring all grades back in January “as long as we all practice appropriate COVID safety protocols whether leaving our home, town, state or country. This is critical for the return of students to on-site instruction.”


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