Discouraged over attempts at vacation rental regulation

I can’t help being discouraged by recent attempts to regulate short term/vacation rentals by local homeowners associations and now by the city of Yachats. A common theme is that it’s happening with no input from the communities they’re claiming to protect. Protect us from tourism?

The local merchants better weigh in quick on this one. How many locals continually buy art and carved bears? How about daily meals out and trips to the aquarium? Are locals glass blowing and whale watching and buying fudge? Every day?

You get my point. Beachfront towns rely on tourism. Vacation rentals support tourism and pay a big share of local taxes and licensing fees in our communities.

This issue is not strictly about small communities being bothered by tourists in our neighborhoods. The bigger issues are protecting our property rights, protecting the real estate value of our homes and not destroying local tourist economies. These types of rules are severe over-regulation and are not in the purview of what these entities should be doing. Yachats is attempting it in the name of affordable housing, which is not going to help anything. Local HOAs think they’re protecting residents from crime, drugs and high traffic in the neighborhood. The reality is that long-term leases and renters have far more to do with these problems than tourists.

Kelly Gresh

South Beach


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