Differences in how a word is presented

How a word is presented in a sentence and the way it affects how folks think about things is an interesting thing. Take the word industry. It conjures up visions of vast expanses of smokestacks belching away or endless halls of server racks and cube farms. A juggernaut that is too big to stop or fail. A life in and of itself that we are but a small cog in the workings of.

It is the acceptance of this vision of reality that has gotten us to this place. It is we that have allowed that reality to degrade our existence, verily our humanity. It is everyone that either owns a stock vicariously through pension plans, 401(k)s etc. or manages their own portfolio. It is your neighbor cashing his dividend check and just loving the return he's getting. The profits gained from prices twice what you would pay just across the border. For pills made in the very same machine that yours came from.

We, in this country, pay more per capita than any other country in the world for health care. (Even Wikipedia, the Funk & Wagnalls of our day, gets that one right.) Yet what we have here, according to the WHO (no not a band, the World Health Organization) is a system that delivers a care that ranks very, very close to the bottom. 

Where do you think that disparity comes from? Every stock owner has recourse (the board of directors) if he thinks his company is pursuing policies that are detrimental. Do you think the folks that cash those dividend checks really care more about your infirmities or their collection of infinitis? Our health care system will not ever improve for us until we at least care as much about our neighbor’s health as our own. Incandescently, this mode of thinking would most likely fix a lot of the pressing issues facing the human race today. What do you think your chances are folks?    

Allan St.Clair



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