Dick Anderson has shown true leadership

Like many of my friends, I have long been concerned about the Republicans’ repeated abandonment of their responsibilities by fleeing the capitol to hide from votes they are afraid of losing. My argument to the party has always been, "put candidates that will win elections on the ballot, and Republicans will get the voice they want in Salem. It's how democracy works."

Dick Anderson, as it happens, is that kind of candidate. We have our differences, but not when it comes to Lincoln City. I’ve wavered, but ultimately I can't imagine not supporting Anderson, given his years of dedication to my town. His devotion to our community — its business community, the arts, livability and more — has set the gold standard.

He fought for neighborhoods and tackled vacation rental dwellings — long the third rail of local politics. He kicked another hornets’ nest when leading the effort to annex Roads End. He’s repeatedly taken hits from members of his own party for doing what was right for our community. 

His leadership has benefited the community on myriad fronts. If his years on the council and as mayor haven't won our support in Salem, I can't imagine what else it would take. 

Thanks for all you have done for all of us, Dick. See you in the statehouse.

Dave Price

Lincoln City