Devils Lake manager receives accreditation

Josh Brainerd, who serves as the lake manager for the Devils Lake Water Improvement District in Lincoln City, recently received accreditation as a certified lake manager from the North American Lake Management Society.

LINCOLN CITY — The Devils Lake Water Improvement District is proud to recognize lake manager Josh Brainerd as a newly accredited certified lake manager from the North American Lake Management Society. This accreditation recognizes managers around the country who exemplify exceptional training and experience in lake ecology.

Thanks to Brainerd, the district has successfully implemented water improvement projects including a new aeration system, dredging of the D River and successful removal of invasive species that have haunted the lake for many years.

“I am very excited to receive my CLM accreditation,” Brainerd said. “The training and skills you gain from the accreditation process is rewarding. Not only does it increase my skills and education, but it also puts DLWID on a national platform. Devils Lake will be seen as a progressive leader in lake management across the country.”

Brainerd received his bachelor’s degree in environmental biology from Illinois College in 2005. After graduating, Brainerd began his career at the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources as a hydrogeologist. From there, he transitioned into working for an environmental services company called HEPACO. After a few years of successfully managing both large and small environmental projects for various companies, Brainerd decided to accept a position with the district as its new lake manager in 2016. Since moving to Lincoln City, he has become involved in the local community, serving as a city planning commissioner and chamber of commerce board member. 

For more information about the Devils Lake Water Improvement District, people can call 541-994-5330, email [email protected] or go online at


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