Depoe Bay Harbor: best in U.S.

Depoe Bay Harbor is the winner of the 2020 “Best Harbor in the U.S.” contest held by US Harbors, an online site for tides and weather. (Photo by Casey Felton)

Depoe Bay Harbor is the winner of the 2020 “Best Harbor in the U.S.” contest.

The second annual contest to find the best harbor in the U.S. wrapped up on Sunday, May 31, with winners announced shortly thereafter. US Harbors, an online site for tides and weather — providing localized information on more than 1,400 harbors on the coast and Great Lakes — runs the annual contest to determine the community with the most passion about where they live, boat and fish. 

This year, the audience — drawing from the more than 5 million people who use the US Harbors site — submitted votes for 786 different harbors. There was significant competition for the top spots, with community residents enthusiastically sharing the contest via email, social media and word of mouth. 

Depoe Bay Harbor captured the most votes, and runners up in this year’s contest were Onset Beach, Mass.; Padanaram/South Dartmouth, Mass. (Best Harbor 2019); Boothbay, Maine; Cuttyhunk, Mass.; and Oriental, N.C.

Depoe Bay was the first harbor on the West Coast to win the contest; three of the top harbors in the U.S. (and last year’s winner) are located in Massachusetts. For more information about the winners, go online at, and click on “Best Harbor in the U.S. 2020 Winners Announced.”

About Depoe Bay “Best Harbor” 2020

Depoe Bay, a picturesque harbor of only six square acres, claims the title of “smallest navigable harbor in the world.” It is both the whale-watching capital of Oregon, and home to a working fishing community. 

The impact of winning the “Best Harbor” contest 

Steve Melo, the harbormaster of the winning “Best Harbor” in 2019, enthusiastically spoke about the impact that winning the contest had on their community.

“US Harbors’ recognition of Padanaram Harbor as 2019’s Best Harbor absolutely put us on the chart. It was both humbling and gratifying for our waterfront community to be recognized for unending collective efforts to improve our waterway, our historic village and the connection between them. Our gratitude overflows for US Harbors and the unequaled information and connections they provide mariners everywhere,” he said.

About the “Best Harbor” Contest

The online contest, started in 2019, uses crowd-sourcing to determine which harbor is best loved by its community. Participation is open to everyone, but primarily includes the 5 million people who use for their tides/weather/harbor-local information and daily coastal news. The purpose of the contest is to promote the strength and vitality of coastal communities — the winning harbors have been those whose residents have strong communication networks and support for their community. These kinds of networks are vital for effective disaster management, coastal planning and the overall resilience of a community, its residents and their economy. 

US Harbors is a media and data company in Rockland, Maine, specializing in tides, weather and local knowledge for people who enjoy the coasts. The company covers 1,400 harbors across 30 states, from the Arctic Circle to the Florida Keys, from Maine to Hawaii, and in the Great Lakes. Learn more at


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