Depoe Bay flushing pipes starting Feb. 26

DEPOE BAY — The city water department will be flushing the pipes beginning at 10 p.m. on Feb. 26, a process which will is planned to take place over three nights.

This maintenance is scheduled to take place in the evenings to inconvenience residents as little as possible, and the department stated that they will do everything possible to keep the disruption to a minimum in a release to the public.

“It’s something we try to do every year,” said City Superintendent Brady Weidner during Wednesday’s city council meeting. “When the water’s cold like it is now, we get less water quality. But they do blow the lines off so it’s really fresh, clean, crystal clear water when we’re done, and we run tests on it to make sure the clarity is there and it’s definitely potable.”

Because some of the mains are iron pipes, residents may experience brown water during this process. However, this condition should disappear as the lines are flushed. Opening faucets is all that is required to clear personal water lines. The water department advises that residents avoid doing laundry during this process, as the water could discolor clothes.

In addition, the city will dechlorinate the flushing units using vitamin C tablets, said Weidner, as required by the Oregon Health Authority.

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