Cynthia Jacobi works to make things better

I was pleased to learn that Cynthia Jacobi has decided to run in November for a Newport City Council seat to continue her service to our community. She was appointed to the council in January of 2019 and must now be elected to continue her work there.

Cynthia is a person who sees a need, then works to make things better. She has always believed that government at all levels has the power to serve all the people, and she has worked toward that goal as a member of the Newport City Council. 

She sees the homeless in our community and works with others who are trying to ease that problem. She sees working families not being able to afford adequate housing, and she searches for ways to fund affordable, safe housing. She sees working parents struggle to find adequate child care, and she advocates for more child care centers close to where people live and work. She has worked to be knowledgeable about infrastructure issues, vacation rental regulations and the many other items that come to the attention of the city council.   

We need Cynthia to continue to work on the behalf of this community. She takes this responsibility seriously, does her homework, works collaboratively to find solutions and works to improve the lives of all our citizens. She deserves your vote in November.  

Mary Ann Beggs



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