Cynthia Jacobi needs to stay on city council

Cynthia Jacobi needs to stay on the Newport City Council. She had been actively involved in the planning of the city’s future. As Newport begins implementing Vision 2040, Cynthia can provide fact-based decision-making to form our future.

I have known Cynthia professionally and as a friend. We are fortunate to have her sharing her knowledge, compassion and experience with Newport.

Cynthia has been working for balancing the lives of all people in our coastal community with the challenges facing our economy and our environment. She knows personally how we much support the local people and businesses that make up our community. Affordable housing, accessible child care, health care and education are the core of our strength.

As a coastal town, we must support the resource harvesters that provide our economic base, as well as protecting the resources they rely on. Cynthia has been stressing our need to revisit regional water planning, reduce plastic pollution and work towards more efficient energy use.

I urge your votes to allow Cynthia to continue the work she has begun and help create the future we want for our children’s Newport.

Jay Fineman



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