Cub gals smother Cascade

Pressured by senior forward Kaitlyn Mitchell (No. 23) and frosh newcomer Stella Barber (No. 12), a Cascade pass is in doubt as Halle Hargett (No. 15) races to intercept.

NEWPORT — The lady Cubs turned Spangler Court into a shooting gallery Friday after smothering the offensive prospects of the visiting Cascade Cougars, 59-29.

The lopsided score resulted from a pressure defense that stunned the visitors, allowing Cascade only eight points in the first half. Shots were often broken up before they had a chance to fly as the Cubs forced turnovers with slap-downs and rebounds.

“They’re not that big, but they’re like a bunch of linemen in a football game,” winced a Cougar photographer from the sidelines. “We don’t stand a chance.”

Stymying the Cougars was Cub DNA, including the top-scoring Hargett sisters — Madison and Halle — who muscled their way into the key for 16 and 12 points, respectively. Meanwhile, the sharpshooting Wagner sisters — Megan and Michaela — stalked three-pointers from the sidelines. Michaela was the third Cub in double digits, with 10 game points including two spectacular cannon shots in the second half.

Cascade was not an untalented team, showing it could mount nice passing plays from the outside. A last-minute rally in the second period fizzled at the buzzer, however, and didn’t reignite until the final stanza when Cascade outshot the Cubs 16-12.

The game underscored Newport’s widespread talent as 10 Cubs contributed to the final tally, including Madison Hargett (16), Halle Hargett (12), Megan Wagner (10), Kaitlyn Mitchell (7), Sonya Cutler (5), Michaela Wagner (3), Dakota Rundell (2), Gracie Hargett (2), Hannah Trommlitz (2), and Stella Barber (1).

The high-scorer for Cascade Ariel Tobiason with 7 points.

The Feb. 8 home victory kept the Cubs back the No. 12 spot in state rankings, where they are 13-7 overall with a 6-3 league record in the 4A Oregon West Conference. The Cougs are now 8-11 overall and 3-6 in league.

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