Creative Quarantine Workshop at cultural center

This donated box of supplies will help staff at the Lincoln City Cultural Center make more Creative Quarantine art kits, which will be available for both youth and adults who want to get creative at home.

LINCOLN CITY — The Lincoln City Cultural Center began its weekly Creative Quarantine art kit distribution back on March 26, when the community’s social isolation began. Ten weeks later, Krista Eddy and her crew (Jill Morris, Suzan Sachdeva and Beth Gerl) had made and distributed a whopping 2,600 kits to the young artists. 

The Creative Quarantine Project has been on a short hiatus, giving the team a little time to rest and regroup, but during July, art kit making has returned to the cultural center in a whole new form. There is now a new Creative Quarantine Workshop in the space where the yoga studio previously lived — don’t worry, the yoga studio will be back when it’s safe to do so). And art kits are again being made in preparation for the opening of the workshop on Aug. 1. 

This room will be adorned with shelves holding a selection of these art kits. People can choose from old favorites or brand new ones. Each handmade kit comes with supplies and instructions and will be well labeled. The idea is that the workshop will be open to the public, Thursday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and anyone, adult or youth, can come in and pick out an art kit that looks interesting to them. It will all be by donation, thanks to all of the arts and crafts items generously donated by the community. The goal is to keep the creativity flowing in this time of uncertainty. Developing and nurturing creativity helps in so many aspects of life and is the driving force behind problem solving and can even create a sense of peace and calm.

Cultural center staff has made every effort to keep this workshop safe for visitors by requiring masks and social distancing throughout the building, limiting the number of people who can enter the room at one time and also keeping it sanitized and relatively touch free.

If you have recently cleaned out a closet or your garage and have items that may have the potential to make great art kits, please consider donating them to LCCC. All you have to do is bring them to the center anytime during open hours (Thursday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). If you are unsure what to bring in, keep in mind that almost all arts and crafts supplies are useful except anything that is toxic or really sharp. Things like feathers, beads, paper, buttons and keys are all high demand items, while other things that you don’t expect can be used as well, like bits of wood, small containers, moss, seeds, ribbon, etc. If you think it has potential, it probably does.

Recently, the Bijou Theater donated a film reel of Toy Story 3, and it took a bit of thought but we now have the “Fancy Film Viewer” Art Kit ready to go-thanks Betsy and Keith for the film and the inspiration. 

Look for Krista’s Creative Quarantine project ideas on Facebook, or call her at 541-992-4292 for more information.

The Lincoln City Cultural Center is located at 540 NE Highway 101.