COVID-19 and aerial pesticide spraying

The state of Oregon has insisted on allowing aerial pesticide spraying in spite of its documented link to many grave illnesses, in spite of a whole county’s vote to ban it, in spite of the increase in cancer cases where spraying occurs (particularly among those whose work puts them in contact with the chemicals used for spraying), in spite of the harm it does to people’s immune systems, in spite of the deformities it causes in human as well as non-human fetuses, in spite of the fact that Oregonians are overwhelmingly against this murderous practice.

Raising life with poisons does not make sense, and we must expect the effects we are seeing everywhere. Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic calls for strengthened immune systems. People everywhere are being told to do everything they can to strengthen their immune systems.

Now that so many lives are at stake from a new virus that, like others, thrives on depressed immune systems, our government must rid us of these showers of toxic chemicals so that all of us have a better chance to survive the pandemic. Life must be protected over corporate profits, now and always.

Maria Sause



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