County Republicans fill war chest

Lynn Owen and Mike Mesarch dress the Depoe Bay Community Center for a Labor Day weekend meeting of Lincoln County Republicans. (Photo by Rick Beasley)

DEPOE BAY — Lincoln County Republicans used a deer rifle and “Trump hats” to swell their treasury 10-fold this summer, news that earned applause from party supporters during a Labor Day weekend meeting in Depoe Bay.

The gun, a Mossberg 6.5 mm Creedmore raffled with $10 tickets at the Toledo Summer Festival, raised $2,300, while the sale of red “Keep America Great” baseball caps brought in nearly $5,500, reported GOP chairwoman Lynn R. Owen. Most visitors to the GOP booth were enthusiastic supporters or curious passersby, but not all, she said.

 “One lady screamed that we were baby killers, but overall we were well received,” Owen commented.

Speaking at the Depoe Bay Community Center, Owen said profits would be used to reach Lincoln County’s 12,000 non-affiliated voters (NAVs) in the 2020 elections. She said the Lincoln County organization, recently revived with new leaders including vice-chair Mike Mesarch, plan to “get out the vote” with an army of volunteers going door to door, calling on the phone and sending mailings that will cost $750 each.

“We’ll weed-out the NAVs who live with a Democrat,” said Owen, who claimed that Trump hats have provided a “steady income” for party coffers.

Party loyalist Larry Ciuffo, of Depoe Bay, was the guest speaker, offering his thoughts on the destructive impacts of “tribalism” in politics.

“This diverse country was once united under a banner of ideas, but partisanship has turned Americans against each other and against the principles of our founding document, the Constitution,” he concluded.


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