Counties partner on HIV outreach

LINCOLN COUNTY — HIV care and services to affected individuals is now a priority of not just in Lincoln County, but in neighboring Benton County as well.

An agreement approved by the Lincoln County Board of Commissioners Wednesday provides HIV early intervention and outreach to those who have the virus and have recently been diagnosed or are not currently receiving care.

The agreement also applies to those who are at significant risk of HIV but whose diagnosis is still unknown, according to the agreement.

The efforts in both counties will be paid for by Ryan White Part B funds for the next five years and are allocated to support local HIV prevention efforts already in place here.

Those who receive help from outreach services organized by the county have to be members of an affected population at risk for HIV, according to the agreement document.

The funding for the HIV outreach and prevention effort will pay for activities related to the Benton County partnership for five years, and Lincoln County will start start to build the system necessary for offering HIV services to affected individuals by the end of the second year. These patients will be those who have already been diagnosed with HIV previously, but have stopped receiving medical assistance for their condition.


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