Cougar spotted in Newport

A cougar was spotted having an early breakfast in north Newport on July 11. All sightings of cougars should be reported to the Newport offices of ODFW or the Oregon State Police. (Photos courtesy of Suly Lopez)

NEWPORT — A cougar was spotted killing and consuming a deer in north Newport, on a residential street near Big Creek at around 6 a.m. on Thursday, July 11.

Suly Lopez told the News-Times that she woke to the sound of a deer screaming as the cat dug in, which she spotted from her back deck overlooking a long driveway just off of Northeast Douglas Street. From what she saw, the cougar took the deer into the bushes and returned to the open approximately a half hour later.

Residents in the area may want to keep cats and dogs indoors at dawn and dusk, and supervise them while they roam the yard for safety’s sake. Cougar attacks on humans are rare, but the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife advises that those who encounter one of the cats should stop, stay calm, appear large and make noise. Children should be picked up without turning your back to the animal. Do not run, as it encourages the cat to chase.

All sightings of cougars should be reported to a local ODFW office or the Oregon State Police. Newport ODFW can be reached at 541-867-4741 or 541-867-0300; the Newport Oregon State Police office can be reached at 541-265-5354.


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