Corvallis to Coast Trail update

Dr. Dick Beemer gave a presentation updating the Newport City Council on the progress of the Corvallis to Coast Trail on March 16. The western portion of the trail from Corvallis to Big Elk Campground has been open since 2016. The trail is scheduled to be complete this summer, with a grand opening ceremony to be held June 6, 2020. Pictured above is a bridge to Ona Beach at Brian Booth State Park, where the trail ends at the ocean. (News-Times file photo)

OREGON — Before the worldwide pandemic demanded most of local government officials’ time and attention, Dr. Dick Beemer updated the Newport City Council on the Corvallis to Coast (C2C) Trail, sometimes also referred to as the Corvallis to Sea Trail, which is set to open June 6 of this year.

“Just so everybody knows, Dr. Beemer is a former city councilor, and he is also probably the biggest advocate in Lincoln County for trails,” Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer said as he introduced Beemer at the regular city council meeting on March 16, crediting him for building many local trails.

“The Corvallis to Coast Trail is 17 years in the making,” said Beemer. “I’ve been on the board for about 10, possibly 12 years, and it has been, for various reasons, an uphill battle.”

The arduous history of the nearly 60-mile hiking and biking trail can be found at the C2C website — — along with maps, FAQs and other relevant information.

In his brief PowerPoint presentation to the city council, Beemer noted that the trail was built with 45,000 hours of volunteer labor. Through 2019, he said, $50,300 was spent on materials, rentals and contracted labor. Beemer qualified that the funding was all private donations.

Beemer added he anticipated they would end up with about $20,000 to maintain the trail.

“We’re printing up maps and road signs,” he said, noting how important directions are on the trail that traverses parcels of private and government-owned land.

Beemer gave credit to C2C leader Gary Chapman. “Gary is the heart and soul of this thing,” he said.

“This is indeed a Corvallis to the coast trail,” Beemer told the council. It starts at the riverfront park in Corvallis and ends at the Pacific Ocean at Ona Beach.

The eastern half of the trail was opened in 2016, from Corvallis to Big Elk Campground.

“People can stay overnight there,” said Beemer, as he detailed the trial’s path for council.

The western half of the trail will officially open this summer. Beemer explained that connecting trails are still being built and access finalized.


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