Coronavirus as the wrath of God

From a fundamentalist Christian perspective, it is quite possible to perceive this pandemic event as the work of the devil, as retribution/punishment for humanity’s gross moral negligence.

Although this view may be somewhat limited in perspective, now, from a modern perspective, taking into account what science knows about God’s laws, defined here in terms of the laws of nature, this virus pandemic can also be perceived as the wrath of Gaia — the earth goddess of science-based ecology.

Gaia is a Greek term, defining a spiritual myth created during the golden age of Greece, wherein Gaia is the goddess of Earth herself. Thus, according to the Gaia myth, the Earth is a self-organizing, self-regulating living system that not only functions just like any other complex living organism, but actually exists as a living, planetary being.

Therefore, her properties and activities cannot be completely comprehended or predicted, from analysis of the sum of her parts, as reductionist scientific theory would have us believe; because every one of her tissue/parts are inextricably connected to every other tissue/part — and all her parts are mutually interdependent.

Thus, her many pathways of communication are highly complex and non-linear, having formed and evolved over billions of years. And she will continue to evolve, in spite of our gross violation of her laws of nature.

All of these observations were made within a science context, during the last few hundred years, yet the very life of goddess earth goes far beyond science, as to what is actually happening on planet Earth now. We are witnessing the beginning of a profound shift in consciousness, based on an ecological awakening, which is ultimately spiritual in nature.

COVID-19 will prove to be the spiritual purification of planet Earth, regardless of whether we work with her or not, as evolution must, and will go forward — with or without you.

We may not all agree on this assessment of the virus, yet, I am certain we will all agree that this virus pandemic has most certainly gotten the attention of all of humanity — which is us.

We can call this spiritual oneness, god/goddess, life or simply consciousness itself, yet whatever word or symbol you choose, there will remain only one of us in spiritual essence.

According to the reverent science of quantum mechanics, quantum theory has proven the consciousness is the viable and primary factor in any and every experiment having to do with the observation/measurement of phenomenon, achieved through consciousness itself.

Moreover, in quantum theory experiments, the electron/photon does not have an objective or separate existence, independent of the mind of the observer. Therefore, there is no real division between mind and matter; as observer and that which is observed. In this reality, no one can speak of nature and the Earth without simultaneously speaking of one’s self.

The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics states, “There is no reality in the absence of observation.” This statement can also read, without changing its meaning, there is no reality in the absence of consciousness.

This reality thus creates a responsibility, which opens up two very different paths going forward. To put this in extreme terms, based on the absolute interconnected reality of quantum theory and the reductionist duality of “us and them,” these two paths lead us to either the god/goddess Gaia and the possibility of creating heaven on Earth, or creating the gory hell realm of the ego’s self-annihilation/destruction of planet Earth.

“Nature never has been, never will be and never is at war with man/woman. It seems she is at war now … because humanity violates her laws. No individual and no nations can continue to break her laws with impunity.” — Meher Baba

To every problem and challenge, there is always a greater solution. It’s called evolution.

Tom Vincent is a resident of Newport.


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