Cops and kids return to camp

The Lincoln City Police Department is holding a summer youth program in August, giving kids a chance to get to know the faces in uniform. (Courtesy photo)

Lincoln City Police to hold summer youth program

LINCOLN CITY — This August, the Lincoln City Police Department is teaming up with Lincoln City Parks and Recreation to bring a week of summer fun and free lunch to the children of Lincoln City with the LCPD Summer Program.

The four-day summer youth program is open to children in grades K through eight and is scheduled to run August 26-29 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. The program promises to be fun, engaging and interactive and is an opportunity for children to enjoy games, physical activities, build teamwork, leadership and social skills, make new friends and win prizes — all while getting more familiar with the officers who keep their community safe.

The participants discuss topics with the police officers, such as how to be nice to others, how to make friends, ways to handle bullying, how to be a good citizen and making good choices. Throughout the week the participants are divided into teams and play games, complete relays and participate in competitions that encompass teamwork and team building, while earning team points for the week that end in prizes.

The program, run on the police side by Officer Summer Danneker, is an opportunity to keep the kids busy during the summer at no cost to the parents while giving the kids positive exposure to police.

“It is a great way for kids to interact with the police in a fun environment, which helps build a positive relation between the two,” said Danneker. “As a police officer I do not ever want kids to be afraid of the cops; I want them to feel that we are truly here to help them in any situation and be a resource that they can come to. Programs such as this helps in that area.”

Danneker explained that she had run a similar program at her former department in Nevada, and that seeing how valuable it was there inspired her to start it up in Lincoln City.

“I love seeing the kids work together and having a fun time socializing and doing teamwork with their peers and their accomplishments throughout the week,” said Danneker.

The program is free, however space is limited. Registration forms can be found at the Lincoln City Police Department. Lunch is provided and staff are available to assist children with disabilities so that everyone can join in on the fun.

Any questions can be directed to Officer Danneker, at [email protected]


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