Concerns about communication

I have some great concerns about communication during this fire emergency in Lincoln County. As a senior citizen I was patting myself on the back for being moderately prepared with numerous flashlights, extra batteries, a car full of gas, a cellphone fully charged and my tsunami backpack with supplies that I would need if away from home for a few days. Along with a container with dog food for my pup, I also had my trusty World Band AM/FM World Band Receiver Radio with fresh batteries with the option for hand cranking.

So on Monday, I started to check my radio for the emergency broadcasting station. I finally gave up because I couldn’t find any local stations giving any information. I would think that one of our stations at least would broadcast during a crisis. Thank goodness for social media and cell service. Lincoln County did an excellent job on their updates, and thank goodness I was so lucky to have signed up for that service.

I really feel the public needs an answer from the radio station owners as to the reason they didn’t feel the responsibility to protect the people in Lincoln County with information.

I will be anxious to read your reply in both of our local newspapers so that all Lincoln County residents will know what occurred and any plans that are made in the future.

Judy Wilson

Lincoln City


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