Community Services Consortium celebrates 40 years of service

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Community Services Consortium being established to help local families in the community overcome poverty and give them the tools and resources to build brighter futures. CSC serves Linn, Benton and Lincoln Counties, with select services in Polk County. The national Community Action Network, of which CSC is a member, is celebrating 56 years of service, with over 1,000 agencies across the country working every day to make communities stronger.

“Each May, during Community Action Month, we reflect on the impact Community Services Consortium and our network has had on families,” Pegge McGuire of CSC said. “Last year alone, we served over 75,000 people in Linn, Benton, Lincoln and Polk counties and over 15 million across the country in the Community Action Network. CSC helps with immediate, needed services such as shelter, food and utility assistance, as well as long-term solutions like education and job placement.”

Community Action Agencies serve 99 percent of all American counties with life-changing services to help families achieve financial stability. All agencies are locally controlled and represented by the private, public and low-income sectors of the community.

“We are proud of our community’s participation in the development and success of our programs,” McGuire said. “Their engagement and support helps us to be more effective in our approach by determining what our region needs.”

To celebrate the continued success and importance of Community Action, especially during these uncertain and needful times, CSC launched a social media campaign for the month of May on Facebook and Instagram to educate the community and provide important resources.

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