Come on and slam

The members of Lincoln County Community Rights will be hosting a Social Justice Poetry Slam on Sept. 15, where people will be given a microphone and a literal platform to voice their issues through poetic performance. (Photos courtesy of Lincoln County Community Rights)

Lincoln County Community Rights hosts social justice poetry slam

Lincoln County Community Rights (LCCR) will be hosting a Social Justice Poetry Slam from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 15, at the Newport Performing Arts Center, where poets will take the stage to express messages close to their hearts through performance.

Jan Kenyon, one of the organizers of the slam, explained that the idea behind the event was actually three-fold; getting more people in the door to engage with the various groups in the Lincoln County community, getting those community groups together and helping the public to see that LCCR isn’t only an environmental group.

“We really wanted to do something where people could see us in a broader context,” said Kenyon.

Though seen primarily as an environmental group for their work on the aerial spray ban, Kenyon said LCCR is concerned “wherever our rights are eroded.”

To that end, the group is giving people a literal platform to stand on and share their messages — with no restrictions on theme or through competition, which is customary for modern slams.

“We’re not going to do the competitive part,” said Kenyon. “We want this to be any age, any gender, any issue.”

Kenyon, who grew up in Chicago where slams originated, says that those who have not been to a poetry slam before can expect “a high-performance, highly passionate, high audience participation form of performance.”

The group hopes to host another slam in 2020, as this year already has around a dozen performers in the line-up. Though the slots are primarily filled, those with a burning passion to perform can contact the organizers about the potential of performing at the 2019 slam by emailing [email protected] by Sept. 10. However, everyone is welcome to attend and gain inspiration for next year or simply enjoy the show.

Attendance is by donation, and 5 percent of the money raised will be donated to a local nonprofit selected through an audience vote on the day of the event.

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