Column: Toledo wants to leave a mark

TOLEDO — You can say this about Howie Richards, he puts his money where his mouth is. After losing a friendly wager, the head coach of the top-seeded Toledo softball team had to dye his hair to whatever color the team desired. So he coached in the Fight for the Fish game against Waldport with bright yellow hair. With a 5-0 victory over Butte Falls/Crater Lake Charter in the first round of the 2A/1A state playoffs, the Boomers moved one step closer in their quest for a state championship. With each win in the postseason, Richards moves one step closer to something a little more permanent than a change in hair color — a little ink. It’s like Andy Bernard in season 8 of “The Office” trying to incentivize the sales team to double its sales with the promise that he would get a tattoo of the office’s choosing on his keister. Richards is using the same motivational tactics as the Boomers make their run in the playoffs. Only his tattoo will go on his right calf.

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