Column: The two sides of winning a championship

There is a reason why people love to hate the New England Patriots. Sure, you could point to Spygate or Deflategate, or Tom Brady and the TB12 Method or Bill Belichick’s personality. But really, it’s because the Patriots are really, really good. They seem to always be playing on Super Bowl Sunday. Eight times since 2001, the Patriots have made an appearance. The more and more the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, the easier it becomes to root against them and celebrate them losing. Cheering for them to win has become so boring and mundane — even though it's an incredible feat to have that level of sustained success. So when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl on Sunday, many took joy in seeing them hoist the Lombardi Trophy. Not because there is so many Eagles fan, but because it’s refreshing to see something that’s never happened before. That very same phenomenon happened in Toledo this weekend.

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