Column: The good and the bad from week two

Here we have a new column installment, where I will look at one good thing and one bad thing that happens in the Lincoln County sports universe. For lack of a better name, we will call it the Good and the Bad.

So here it is, the Good and the Bad from Sept. 3 through 7.

The Good

Is it too early to say that the football in the county is good again? Probably, I mean we are only two weeks into the season, but here’s what I know: the county already has six wins in that two-week frame (2-0 Newport, 1-1 Taft, 1-1 Waldport, 1-1, 1-1 Toledo, 1-0 Siletz Valley, 0-1 Eddyville) which isn’t a groundbreaking rate, but last year the county as a whole won nine total games. NINE. There are still 38 total football games left on the schedule, meaning that the county will have to go at least 3-35 between now and the end of the season.

A couple of weeks ago I thought that there would be at least a seven-win improvement this year, so 16 total wins. And to reach that mark the teams will have to go 10-28 from here on out. Even that doesn’t seem to be out of the question.

Newport looks like they can contend for a conference title. Taft and Toledo look to be ahead of where they were a season ago, while Waldport and Siletz look as though they can win several games in the eight-man league.

Sure, it might be a bit premature to think that football is actually good or not. But through two weeks, I feel more than comfortable saying that at least right now, there are reasons to watch football on Friday nights again in Lincoln County.

The Bad

Oh volleyball, the county seems to be headed down the same path as last years — again, only two weeks in — but there hasn’t been a lot of winning happening on the volleyball courts.

Toledo is shouldering the load in the county with a 5-3 record entering its league schedule and all they have to do is win three more games to eclipse last year’s win total. A postseason berth is in play for the Boomers.

The rest of the county has some work to do.

Newport, Taft, Waldport, Siletz Valley, and Eddyville are a combined 3-22. If you break that record into sets, the county is 16-68 collectively. And if you take away Waldport and Siletz Valley — the two teams with wins — then Newport, Taft and Eddyville are a combined 0-14 and 9-59 in those sets.

It’s hard to spin those numbers into a positive light. But I’ll give it a whirl. Newport’s next two games are against Woodburn and Cascade. Both teams, like the Cubs, have yet to win a single game or set. The possibilities are there. And Taft could see an improvement on the court against Coastal Range League opponents. The combined record of the five-team league is 4-18 with three teams that haven’t won a game, and four teams with four-set wins or fewer.

So maybe it’s not all bad.


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