Column: Smith just feels right for OSU, but will it work?

The date was Dec. 10, 2014. It was in the afternoon when my jaw had hit the floor. Oregon State had just hired Gary Andersen to be their head football coach. I was so certain that Oregon State had found their guy. The coach that over time would build OSU back up, and perhaps, take the Beavers to heights that Mike Riley had come to close to, but ultimately couldn’t quite reach. “HOME. RUN.” is what I tweeted immediately after the news had broke. Whoops. My thoughts didn’t waver through Andersen’s first two seasons when the Beavers when a combined 6-18 and had two Pac-12 wins. But once OSU not only took a step back on their path to being a winning team, but fell off the path entirely, doubts began to creep into my head about Andersen’s future.

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