Column: Picks on picks, on picks

In case you didn’t know — the county had its best week of football to date. Newport and Toledo both won. The two wins last week equaled the win total of all the previous weeks combined. Siletz scored more point than they had all season in a narrow defeat. And not to brag, but I had my best week of picking games. I was two away from a perfect week. Although, I’m not mad at Newport for knocking off Philomath and ending my perfect week. I’m okay with being wrong there, it was a lot of fun seeing the team celebrate their overtime victory. The same can’t be said about the Cowboys, who lost to the Rams. With less than a month left in the season, the Cubs find themselves in the playoff hunt and Toledo looks like the team they were anticipating on being before injuries and a difficult non-league schedule got the better of them. Now, onto this week’s picks:

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