Cold weather threatening vulnerable

As our community experiences colder weather, we are in critical need of transitional housing and emergency shelters. We may very well have a severe winter. We need community support for the Chance Inc. facility in Lincoln City, and Grace Wins Haven in Newport. 

  We are seeing more folks with medical problems that make it imperative for a warming shelter anywhere in Lincoln County. We have spent seven years working to create Shalom House, a transitional housing project. We need a donated house so that we can assist people to get back into employment and housing. Our local housing crisis is harming families, working woman and men, elders, veterans, mentally challenged persons, young workers and new residents to our community. We will hopefully get the help of a local nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation that can assist a donor of a home to benefit legally and tax wise.

We have a combined multiple decades of experience running shelters, and we can help a percentage of homeless get back on their feet. Sometimes all it takes is a new I.D., a driver’s license, a new social security card, a job reference, a phone call to a prospective employer and a kind word. Having transitional housing can, over a period of three to four months, allow a person or family to regain work and housing.

   Our new House Bill 2001, supported by David Gomberg, will help our state to create multi-family dwellings. Rural people need help with zoning and land-use regulations, which are 46 years old now, to allow for tiny house development and allow us to change our zoning without the huge cost of going to our planning commission. Our Congressman Schrader, unfortunately, does not seem interested in helping ameliorate our community housing crises, which is harming the people of the fifth district. I hope someday we will get a congressperson who really cares about our people.

Please call our Board of Commissioners at 541-265-4100 and ask them to create affordable housing options, increased community-based human services and increased emergency/warming shelters. Taking a more punitive approach to homelessness will only harm more people, and some will perish on our streets as a result of the criminalization of homelessness.

David Peltier



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