Coffee and Cravings

Coffee and Cravings recently opened for business in the Salishan Marketplace. (Photo by Gloria Tucker)

Old favorite becomes new

The Java Depot has a new name and location.

After operating one of the first places to serve espresso in Lincoln City for 26 years, owners Paul and Gretchen Callaghan moved Java Depot to Salishan in May.

With the new location, 7775 North Highway 101, Unit D-1, comes a new name — Coffee and Cravings.

“We needed less space,” Gretchen said. “We felt there was an opportunity here. Salishan is reviving the marketplace and emphasizing specialty shops.”

While the coffee is the same, the focus has changed from gift shop to gourmet foods.

“We thought that this is our opportunity to really increase our artisan cheese section,” Gretchen said. “You really can’t find artisan cheeses in this area. We now have two cheese cases and a sampling bar. We offer imported Italian pastas that are all handmade by different, small artisans. If you try this pasta, you will never buy a different kind. We have lots of specialty, Oregon-made products, too. We just brought in a new line of honeys, including cream honey. We also carry eight or nine balsamic vinegars and eight or nine infused olive oils.”

In addition to tasting bars for the oils and honeys, they offer tips and recipes for the products.

Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Thursday through Tuesday, the shop also serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“We have the best clam chowder on the Oregon coast,” said Gretchen. “We have all kinds of sandwiches, including our popular chicken salad sandwich. We do three different quiches with incredibly flaky crust. We also have some really great morning fare like scones, muffin tops, and apple fritters that sell out before we get them out of the oven. We do charcuterie platters and party trays, too.”

She added they serve smoothies as well as coffees.

“We make really good smoothies,” she said. “We have a new one called a Golden Shiver that has turmeric and ginger in it. It has health benefits but you’d never know it, it’s so tasty. On top of that you can get a great cappuccino, latte or white mocha.”

Paul has been crafting the shop’s myriad of coffee drinks for the past 27 years.

“We moved here in 1988, just when the coffee movement was getting started in Seattle,” Gretchen said. “Paul and I went up to Seattle and tried all the different coffee places up there because we wanted to give this area something they didn’t have. The one that totally blew us away was the Italian roasted Torrefazione, which is now Caffe Umbria, which is what we still use.”

The new shop’s emphasis is the cheeses, however.

“I hope that people in the area will realize how hard we strive to bring fine cheese products to the area,” she said. “We’ve gone through many years of loss because it wasn’t a money-making endeavor for us, but a desire from the heart. We’ve always dreamt of the shop being a very specialized purveyor of fine foods and cheeses. We will bring in any kind of cheese people want, if it is available.”

Gretchen recalled a woman came into the shop searching for a particular cheese she couldn’t find in Portland.

“I was placing an order that day and our suppliers happened to have it,” Gretchen said. “I ordered some and called her the next day to tell her it was here. She was speechless at first. She said, ‘I don’t believe it.’ When she came in to pick it up, she was very thankful. That’s the kind of store we’ve always been.”


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