Cocktails for a Cause benefits children

This holiday season, guests of Clearwater Restaurant on the Newport Bayfront can share in the spirit of holiday giving while savoring handcrafted Christmas themed cocktails with Cocktails for a Cause.

One hundred percent of sales from the daily featured signature cocktails will go directly to Safe Families for Children of Lincoln County.

Janell Goplen, Clearwater’s co-owner, said the Cocktail for a Cause program has been very well received over the past two years, with more than $9,400 donated.

“We added the Cocktail for a Cause menu item last year in hopes we could raise money for the Yaquina View/Sam Case Boosters,” said Goplen. “We did and have been able to donate thousands of dollars to not only the boosters, but local schools and charities directly from this menu item. Guests love the fact they can be helping others while enjoying a delicious specialty cocktail.”

During December the Cocktail for a Cause menu item will benefit Safe Families for Children of Lincoln County and feature Cocktails of Christmas. “The trees and decorations are up, and the Christmas spirit is all over the restaurant,” said Goplen. “We thought it would be fun to theme the cocktails for the month of December to encourage more people to order and give to a great organization. Though it’s wonderful to have support of relatives, friends and families and to celebrate the holidays and share our love with, we all know that there are many people in our community who aren’t as lucky.”

Safe Families For Children is a movement of compassion aimed at reducing child abuse and abandonment.

“The goal of Safe Families’ ministry is to offer support in a time of need and reunite children with their families in a stronger home environment,” said Marisa Dean, a member of the board of Safe Families for Children of Lincoln County. “This temporary care for children in need gives parents time to establish stability in their homes.”

Safe Families is not foster care. The children are not placed in the care of the state, and parents may have their children live with a host family as they face challenges such as postpartum depression, financial instability, acute illness or hospitalization, domestic violence, drug or alcohol addiction or incarceration.



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