Coastal weather inspires book

Libby Findling, left, and her mother, Kim Cooper Findling, co-wrote a new teen mystery novel titled “Sixth Storm,” which is set on the Oregon coast. Kim is the new owner of Dancing Moon Press. (Courtesy photo)

A mother-daughter collaboration

A mother-daughter team from Bend has created a new story of the coast. “Sixth Storm,” set to release on March 1, is the product of a collaboration between award-winning author Kim Cooper Findling and her daughter, Libby Findling.

The endeavor to write and publish the book was one that took multiple years, but it began as a simple conversation before bed.

“One night as I was putting Libby to bed, she said something incredible about the tumultuous weather that set the whole book in motion,” said Kim. “Libby was my catalyst, muse and editor, and writing a book with her was a total blast.”

That comment would go on to shape the tale of Skye Clancy, who comes from a lineage plagued by strange deaths — all of which are weather-related. On her 14th birthday, Skye begins to find clues as a great storm descends upon her small Oregon coast town. With the secret of her family’s legacy becoming more clear and the coastal storm at her door, Skye takes to the woods to solve the mystery and reverse the curse. Oregonian themes and landscapes are woven through this teen mystery novel.

“I loved creating this mystery with my mom,” said Libby. “Our main character can be introverted, but she is also strong and independent. There is a looming fear of death hanging over the family, and Skye takes up the challenge to figure out what is going on.”

Kim and Libby spent two years writing and pitching the book to agents and publishers, but found another opportunity in the process: the option to not only publish with, but to purchase Dancing Moon Press. The independent, full-service publishing company has been a fixture on the Oregon coast since 1996, and will continue its legacy of assisting aspiring and established authors through the entire production process under the new ownership.

The paperback edition of “Sixth Storm” retails for $9.95, and the eBook is $3.99. Both are available on Amazon and at some local booksellers. For more information, visit