Coaches of Lincoln County Q&A:

Special education teacher and Newport varsity girls basketball coach Nathan Green (center) takes a family photo with his wife and two children at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. (Photo courtesy of Nathan Green)

Nathan Green, Head Coach Newport girls basketball

Full Name:

Nathan Green

Place of Birth:

Lapeer, MI


I am a special education teacher at Newport High School.


I work with juniors and seniors who qualify for special education services. 

What got you into this line of work?

I have always enjoyed working in the education field. I like having an impact on the youth of our community.  My goal is to help them become productive citizens. My temperament allows me to see the long-term goals while working on skills every day.


I earned my Bachelors of Arts from Michigan State University. When we moved to Oregon, I earned my Master of Science in Special Education from Western Oregon University.

First Coaching Job:

My first coaching job was a JV2 position at Madras High school in the boys basketball program. 

What did you learn from it?

I learned the process of developing a team from the first day of practice to the end of the season.  I learned about how busy high school students are and how much of commitment it takes to play sports.


I am married with two children.  My wife is Kristin, and we have Abbey, who is freshmen playing on the team this year, and Luke, who is in seventh grade at the middle school. 

Road to Lincoln County:

We moved to Lincoln County in November of 2008. My wife received a job with the county. We moved to Oregon to be closer to family that lives in Portland. 


I am a member of the Newport Boosters.  I serve on the Newport Football League Board.  I help to organize the Newport Storm tournament. 

Favorite Food:

My favorite foods are pizza and cookies

Favorite Movie:


Favorite Artist or Band:

Bruce Springsteen

Favorite Book or Author:

“Lord of the Rings”

Favorite Sports Team(s):

Michigan State Spartans

Hobbies/Leisurely Pursuits:

Traveling, both in the United States and to foregin countries

How Would You Describe Yourself?

I am even tempered friendly person who wants the best for those around him. 

 What is Something Most People Don’t Know About You?

I have completed six marathons, including the Portland Marathon.

 What is Your Favorite Thing about coaching in Newport/Lincoln County?

I really enjoy the community of coaches we have here in Lincoln County.  They are all willing to help out and play games during the summer.  I also enjoy the support I receive from the administration. They give us the freedom to develop our program with our own vision. 






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