Claire's got our back

Blue-collar workers are always looking for politicians who don't say one thing and do another and support their pursuit of the American dream. 

I have been a small business owner in Lincoln County for over nine years, and there is no politician in our county more dedicated to helping the common person achieve the American dream than Claire Hall. 

I not only own a brick and mortar, but I own mining claims and work in resource extraction. Claire Hall supports small miners and seeks sensible environmental regulations, rather than broad bureaucratic decisions that hurt the common worker just trying to make his own way. 

Claire has never supported raising taxes to increase services, and she does not believe in overregulating small business and those of us trying to achieve the American dream. 

I have spoken to Claire about the tragedy of our lost mining history when government entities destroy historic mines and mining sites — those are our heritage. Claire supports all of our resource extraction industries while keeping in mind that we can't fish a dead ocean, we can't log a dead forest and we can't mine a dead earth. 

From loggers like my friends, to miners like me — those trying to achieve our dreams — Claire's got our back.

Laura Joki

Lincoln City


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