Claire Hall has record of service

Claire Hall has a long and distinguished record of service to the people of Lincoln County, and I urge voters to re-elect her to the board of commissioners.

Some detractors cite her support of the Lincoln County Commons project as evidence of some kind of betrayal of public trust. To punish Claire Hall at the polls for her support of the commons plan is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. She has been instrumental in three major local housing projects in the last few years and has established herself as a key player statewide in efforts to expand housing development. Additionally, as Claire points out, the project has been affirmed by the voters on two separate occasions.  

She is also castigated for decisions made by the entire board of commissioners, which, incidentally, incorporated the decisions of the individual city councils of Lincoln County regarding the county’s entry into phase two of COVID restrictions. I frankly don’t understand why she has been singled out for abuse on this issue. Commissioner Hunt, for example, has been the strongest advocate for delaying entry into phase two, yet it is Claire Hall who is punished. Curious.

I’ve been associated with Claire through her involvement with local news media and as a fellow elected official. I have always found Claire to be a fair and thoughtful representative of the people, deeply committed to the democratic process and sincere in her desire to serve our community. Even a cursory examination of her long record as commissioner bears that out. Claire takes a principled stand on issues guided by her dedication to service and not political expediency. We need more elected officials like Claire Hall.

Bill Dalbey



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