Claire Hall deserves our vote and support

I am writing in full support for Claire Hall for another term as Lincoln County Commissioner.

Experience matters. During the four terms she’s served, Claire has helped to elevate Lincoln County’s profile on a regional and statewide level because of her advocacy for the county on affordable and low-income housing, veterans’ services and behavioral health care. It takes time to build relationships and understand the different government structures (county, city, tribal, state), agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses in a county.

Claire has that expertise and brings invaluable insight — particularly critical for residents right now as we work together to manage our health care response and work to create economic development solutions for our COVID-affected world.

We need steady, stable and caring leadership. Commissioner Hall can deliver that for us. We need Claire’s deep roots and history of Oregon and her vision for what we can become here in Lincoln County. Claire Hall is responsive, accessible and has shown up for us. She deserves our vote and support.

CM Hall