Character smearing cannot stand

I don’t know what the editorial policy is for letters to the editor in terms of verifying the accuracy of the writer’s comments. I assume you let the person say what they want. However, in a recent letter, a writer basically called Joe Hitselberger a timber thief. In these parts, that is kin to calling a person in Texas a cattle rustler. This kind of disinformation is a big reason the politics of today are so offensive.

That type of character smearing cannot stand. To my knowledge, when Hitselberger logged a parcel next to the one I live on, the surveying was professionally done, and they stayed well back of the line. They even left a corridor of trees abutting the entrance road for esthetic purposes.

Now, if a landowner claims timber trespass, the remedy is three times the damages. I don’t see where anyone has made that claim against Hitselberger.

If a neighbor does not like another neighbor for some reason, don’t like him. But don’t malign him in a misguided attempt to try to affect his chances of being elected.

Richard Scholl

Seal Rock


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