Changes at Olalla Valley Golf Course

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Despite rumors, it's business as usual for golf course

TOLEDO — The Olalla Café, located at the Olalla Valley Golf Course, closed its doors several weeks ago, and Eric Anderson, the general manager/golf course superintendent at Olalla, said he is in the process of finding someone new to take over that business.

However, when the café closed, a rumor began circulating that the entire golf course operation had shut down, and Anderson wants to spread the word that it’s still business as usual for the golf course.

“I heard one comment (about the golf course being closed), and I thought, ‘OK, that’s just one.’ But then I heard another,” Anderson said. He wants people to know that although the rain is keeping some away, the golf course is still open.

“We’re just waiting for the weather to change,” Anderson said with a laugh. “We had a really good season last year, and there’s no reason to think we won’t do the same this year.” The pro shop is still open as well, he said. “We have plenty of clubs, whatever anybody needs to come out and play a round of golf, we’ve got it.”

As for the café, “We’re looking around. I’ve talked to a couple of people, but we’ve got to get just the right fit,” Anderson said. “It’s going to be tough to replace Shelley (McGuire). The way that she took care of her customers was just awesome.” He hopes to have the café up and running soon, “but we want to make sure it’s someone who is going to be successful.”

The Olalla Valley Golf Course is located north of Toledo at 1022 Olalla Road. Information is available by calling 541-336-2121 or by going online at

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