Celebrating Independence

Gleneden Beach holds 25th annual parade

GLENEDEN BEACH — Over 8,000 people gathered to celebrate Independence Day at the Gleneden Beach 4th of July Parade on Thursday, the highest number recorded in its 25 years of existence. Parents, children and patriotic pups were treated to live music, fun activities and, of course, the main event: a music-playing, candy-tossing extravaganza.

In the tradition of American entrepreneurship, stalls with food and wares could be found up and down Gleneden Beach loop — operated by experienced craftsmen and children working their first lemonade stand. There were also characters around every corner, ready to entertain the young and the young at heart: Bingo the Clown made an appearance, as did the Joker and a festive stilt-walker.

Live music could be found at either end of the street. At the Red Roof, the acoustic duo Run and Tell That, made up of brother and sister Freddie and Hannah served as the parade’s live musical guest. To the south, the Newport Community Drum Circle led started a beat that all ages were invited to join in on.

When it came time for the procession of the parade itself, Gleneden Beach Loop was lined from end to end with chairs, stools, even couches. There was an emphasis on thankfulness for our veterans and their service, as well as a strong sense of community.

The announcers thanked the audience for 25 incredible years, and said they look forward to another 25.


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