Cast your vote for Cynthia Jacobi

Cynthia Jacobi should be elected to serve on the Newport City Council. She was appointed to fill a vacant council seat. She has proven herself to be an excellent representative of the people who live in our community.

She has taken this role very seriously, taking the time to thoroughly study each issue at hand. She asks a host of pertinent questions to persons with expertise in specific issues, but will also contact local people, asking their opinions and possible solutions. She is an attentive listener who seeks opposing viewpoints. She makes locals feel like we have a voice. Her vision for Newport is to make our community more livable for all and enhance the quality of all Newport has to offer it’s residents.

Over the years she has lived here, she has been a valuable volunteer for such organizations as Food Share, plus assisted in organizing the annual Bejeweled fundraiser. Cynthia obviously cares about people in need by volunteering at the warming shelter and advocating for child care that is affordable and accessible

I’ve known Cynthia for 14 years. She joined For Artsake Gallery as one of 10 business owners in 2008. In the nine years she was a member, she proved to not only be a talented artist, but a great organizer who followed through on whatever commitment she made to the running of the gallery. She was a generator of productive ideas and a team player in the decision-making process necessary to conduct a successful small business. Cynthia always had a positive and caring way of dealing with others. She was a definite asset to the success of the gallery.

Cynthia needs your vote to be elected as a member of the Newport City Council.

Frances Van Wert



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