Cape Perpetua speaker series continues

The public is invited to enjoy a variety of free educational presentations hosted by the Cape Perpetua Collaborative. Guest speaker presentations will be held each Saturday at 10 a.m. until Dec. 19 (excluding holidays). 

All events are free and held virtually on Zoom this season. The full series schedule can be viewed at

The presentation this Saturday, Nov. 14, will be
“A New Kid on the Dune: The Unlikely Hybridization Between Two Non-native Beachgrass Species in the Pacific Northwest.”

The two dominant beachgrasses of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, Ammophila arenaria (European beachgrass) and A. breviligulata (American beachgrass), build tall stable dunes that increase coastal protection but threaten some native animal and plant species. For decades, these intentionally planted but invasive grasses have presented complex tradeoffs to land managers trying to balance conservation and coastal protection. It was recently discovered that these two grass species, which have differential effects on dune shape and native plant diversity, are hybridizing. 

Rebecca Mostow, a Ph.D. candidate at Oregon State University, will tell the story of how this unexpected discovery was made and explain how people can help map new hybrids and expand the understanding of this unexpected event.

To register to take part in this presentation, go to


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