Candidate appreciates support

I want to give a huge thank you, thank you, thank you to my supporters who voted for me for mayor of Newport. I so appreciate your caring and thoughtful help. I want to make a special call out to the brave souls who agreed to record the radio spots for me and the beautiful letters to the editor written on my behalf.

I love the city of Newport for its ability to come together as a community to take on challenges and projects. During my years as a former Newport mayor, council member and community college education board member, incredible goals by this city were attained: NOAA, the reestablishment of the Coast Guard helicopter, the new Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital, Lincoln County School District building updates, the construction of the city swimming pool, the new Gladys Valley Marine Studies Building at the Hatfield Marine Center, the updates of the city’s infrastructure for water and the pump stations and the establishment of the Greater Newport Vision 2040 plan.

In my opinion, that same community spirit of coming to together will be needed for three huge challenges and projects in the near future: to follow the health department guidelines to keep COVID-19 in check for our own health and our small businesses and nonprofits, to grapple with the specter of climate change and to continue to work on funding for the Big Creek Dam.

Onward Newport!

Thank you.

Sandy Roumagoux



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