‘Break up with Plastics’

Surfrider event set for Friday

The Newport chapter of Surfrider Foundation invites everyone to join them this Friday, Feb. 12, at noon for “Break Up With Plastics” to learn more about what the Oregon Legislature can do in 2021 to reduce single-use plastics. Surfrider encourages people to learn how they can make their voices heard to make plastic reduction happen.

In its announcement about this event, Surfrider said, “Let’s face it, our relationship with plastics is toxic. Plastic lasts forever, which sounds romantic until you consider that virtually every plastic bag, straw, utensil, or wrapper that has ever escaped into the environment is still out there, infiltrating waterways, being ingested by hundreds of different species and contributing to global litter.”

This virtual event will include Rep. Janeen Sollman, Rep. Sheri Schouten, Rep. Maxine Dexter and friends from Environment Oregon, Oceana, OSPIRG and more.

To register for the Zoom meeting, go to the Oregon Surfrider web page — www.oregonsurfrider.org. In the “Events” calendar is a link to the meeting.


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