Bella Beach was designed as a destination resort community

This is in response to an Aug. 25 letter to the editor, “I think we’re in for a long fight.”

I am a member of the leadership team for the locally based, family-owned small business that manages Bella Beach Resort. The letter writer is crafting an unfounded and insulting narrative about local service workers to amplify her own objectives. She is mistreating honest, hard-working people, and her actions threaten to negatively impact the jobs/livelihoods of local service workers. 

The writer chose to buy a home in Bella Beach, knowing it had a high density of vacation rentals, who previously had her house as vacation rental, and now decided she does not like living in a resort community. Instead of approaching us to peacefully resolve her issues, she has chosen to fight the long fight against local service workers who are just trying to do their jobs.  

The ongoing mistreatment of Bella Beach service workers by this person has created an environment of fear within the employee community. In response to her mistreatment of employees and guests, we had no choice but to have a no-trespass order.

I am proud to work for a company that provides living wage jobs and who genuinely cares about its employees and the communities where their employees live and work. Bella Beach was designed as a destination resort community. This extraordinarily successful development is a project we can all be proud of, and the much-needed jobs it generates. The members of the travel and tourism industries — and the local business owners who benefit from the dollars generated by those industries — are an integral part of the local economy. It is time we support those workers rather than fight to take away their jobs. 

Aaron Linfoot

Lincoln City


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