Banning plastic bags is a safety issue

The fact is that plastic bags present an unnecessary health hazard for the city, state and planet. Plastic bags break down into invisible micro plastic faster than any other form of plastic. Micro plastic is present in every ocean in the world, and scientific evidence proves that it is in tap water, meat, fish, honey, beer and the very air we breathe. Seventy percent of all marine life tested showed micro plastics in body tissues, and 93 percent of human beings tested likewise. Banning plastic bags is admittedly only a start to detoxifying our world, but it is a step that must be taken for the health of all.

Not every issue brought before the Newport City Council is turned over to the voters to decide, most notably those that have to do with health and safety. The current measles outbreak in this country is a good example of what happens when pliable representatives claiming or thinking that they are doing the right thing (or simply passing the buck), abdicate their elected authority and allow weak law to trump common sense, in this case to let anti-vaccination advocates endanger all citizenry on the basis of "personal freedom" and the imagined "nanny state" taking away their rights, all based on faulty information, later completely debunked.

We, the constituents, don't get to vote on many things, such as where stop signs are located, fences or barriers to prevent folks from falling off cliffs, whether auto insurance is optional or setting speed limits. We are a country of many levels of representative government, and the elected officials of them have an obligation to study issues and make informed decisions based on what's best for all citizens, not just those who can only focus on the cheapest way to line their wastebaskets.

This is a health and safety issue that effects citizens and animals far outside the city limits of Newport, and even with the plastic bag ban, the affects of prior years of ignoring the problem will still affect the wellness of our children and grandchildren.

Scott Rosin



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