Arnie Roblan needs to vote no on Senate Bill 978

To the honorable Senator Arnie Roblan. I live in your district; Pacific City in south Tillamook county. I'm the chair of the Tillamook Republicans, a member of the Tillamook Elks, a director of the Pacific City Dorymen's Association, a lifetime member of the NRA and the Oregon Hunters Association, a former candidate for Tillamook commissioner, state representative District 10 and am currently a candidate for the Pacific City Joint Water-Sanitary Authority. 

It is safe to say that I have a large personal constituency. I was endorsed by the NRA, OFF and Oregon Gun Owners in the last election. 

I've been following Senate Bill 978 with careful observation. It is now in your Rules Committee. You and I both know that it will pass on the floor of the Senate whether you vote nay on the floor or not.  

Sir, I respectfully suggest that if you allow this bill to come to the floor, you do so at your political peril. Keeping this obviously unconstitutional bill from the floor will save millions of dollars in litigation to overturn it in the courts, but will not deprive Oregon's honest firearm owners their rights during that time. We both know that it is the right thing to do; let it die in committee. 

You've accomplished many good things during your tenure as our state senator, and I personally appreciate those efforts. 

You were fortunate enough to win your current seat by defeating Dick Anderson by 300 votes. There currently is an effort to form a regional coastal Conservative PAC. Lincoln and Tillamook county conservatives are actively recruiting for the next election cycle. Sir, it is going to be a tough go next time around. 

Senator, you've been a respected legislator for many years with a record of accomplishment for District 5. You can win again, but probably not if you don't kill Senate Bill 978 in committee. This will be the number one issue to be used against you if that doesn't happen.   

Oregon's beautiful coastal region has a lot of hunters, target shooters, concealed weapons holders and those who own firearms for personal defense in their homes.  Do the right thing and kill this bill. 

Thomas M. Donohue, chairman

Tillamook County Republican Central Committee


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