Appreciation for vote-by-mail

I recently received an email from Senator Wyden regarding voting rights and how important it is to all of us to have voting security. The 2018 midterm elections saw inexplicable purges of voter rolls, new requirements to make voting more difficult and long lines at the polls. This administration also has a sham Election Integrity Commission, a voter suppression commission fueled by baseless claims of “widespread voter fraud.”

We are so lucky in Oregon to have vote-by-mail, and though I am sure it’s not perfect, it comes pretty close. Having been a single parent with small children who were hungry and tired at the end of the day and still had to tag along to vote, I can really appreciate vote-by-mail.

Senator Wyden has introduced a nationwide Vote By Mail Act, which would require all states to allow voting by mail in federal elections, without any additional condition or requirements besides returning the ballot by the deadline. It would also call for state governments to collaborate with state motor vehicle agencies to maintain updated voter registration rolls for all citizens who apply for a driver’s license and who do not ask to remain unregistered. Mitch McConnell is, of course, holding up the vote on this important voting security tool.

“This administration is fixated with making it harder for Americans to vote,” Wyden said. “And when regular Americans can’t vote, lobbyists, special interests (and) everyone else who wants to profit off of the government win. Taking back our government from the special interests starts with making sure every eligible American who wants to vote is able to make their voice heard at the ballot box. Passing Oregon-style vote-by-mail is how we make that happen.”

Sharon Roben Findling



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