An introduction to Flamenco

Dance classes offered

Dancer-singer Sophia Solano will be offering an introduction to Flamenco, the dynamic dances of Southern Spain.

Solano will teach students the essential rhythms and movements she has learned in Sevilla and Granada. She recently returned from intensive flamenco dance studies under María La Manzanilla, Javier Marcos and Maricarmen Guerrero at Escuela Carmen de Las Cuevas in Granada.

No prior experience is necessary for this course as students will learn from the beginning the fundamental techniques of zapateado (footwork) and braceo (arm movements) in conjunction with the correct compás (musical timing) of each dance. Lessons will begin with the basics of tangos Gitano (Gypsy tango).

This is the opportunity to begin an in-depth study of an ancient art form stemming from the creative influences of the many cultures that blossomed in Andalucía, Spain: Roman, Greek, Hebrew, Islamic, Romani, Byzantine, dating back to the Phoenicians who lived on the Iberian Peninsula. And as students enrich themselves in a new cultural experience, this will also be a full body aerobic workout for all ages.

To register, and to obtain appropriate theater/dance shoes if needed, phone or text 503-812-9925.

The initial five-week course is $50. Flamenco guitarist José Solano will accompany classes. The starting date is Sunday, Sept. 16, at 5 p.m., at Dance! And All That Jazz, 630 SW Hurbert St., Newport.


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