An insightful, intelligent and honest assessment

Thanks to Bob Folkers for his insightful, intelligent and honest assessment of President Trump’s three and a half years in office (“I’m voting for America,” Sept. 23 edition).

I whole-heartedly agree with everything he wrote, especially about border security, which is greatly reducing sex trafficking and illegal drugs entering our country.

However, there is one impossible dream our president has accomplished that Mr. Folkers didn’t mention — something the D.C. establishment said could never be done. President Trump has opened the channel for peace in the Middle East, with great expectations of reducing hostilities between Israel and the gulf nations. Plus, he moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem (something else they said could never be done).

And one more thing: our military. The Trump Administration has dismantled the extremist ISIS terrorist group while bringing our troops home from Afghanistan and Germany, and (in its spare time) launched Space Force as our sixth branch of the military.

If you respect and want to protect America’s history, values and culture, and you believe in the rules of law and the defense of private property, and if you choose freedom and independence over the threat of socialism and the Chinese Communist Party and Iran and other terrorist countries and anti-American movements that create anarchy, then vote for someone who honors the power of the presidency. Donald J. Trump is the man who will enact crucial reforms to our criminal justice system while ending the despicable behavior towards law enforcement personnel and halting the trampling of our nation’s Constitution.

A.T. Ronan