Amanda Benjamin: trusted, proven and respected

Many people will write letters in support of each candidate for circuit court judge. How do you know who to listen to? Listen to the people who can answer this simple question: who is the better judge? The only people who can truly and honestly answer that question are the people who have regularly observed the performance of both candidates in their role as judge.

Marcia Buckley comes recommended by her friends, family members, former colleagues and clients when she was a lawyer. Amanda Benjamin comes recommended by Judges Thomas Branford, Sheryl Bachart and Paulette Sanders. Amanda Benjamin is endorsed by the majority of deputy district attorneys and several local law enforcement officers, victims’ advocates, court staff, social workers and foster parents. Amanda Benjamin comes recommended by the people who have witnessed her performance in the courtroom for nearly two years.

I support Amanda Benjamin, not because she always rules in my favor — she doesn’t. I support Amanda Benjamin because every week for nearly two years, I have watched her apply the law accurately and fairly in each case, regardless of who the law favors. I have watched her treat everyone who enters her courtroom with dignity and respect, no matter who they are.

Whether you are a crime victim, the accused or just a voter expecting the best out of your elected officials, you can be sure Judge Benjamin will always do the right thing for the right reasons. She knows the law better than anyone. Perhaps most importantly, the integrity Judge Benjamin brings to the bench is rare and essential to ensure a fair and balanced system of justice.

Please join me in voting for the trusted, proven and respected candidate in November, and vote for Amanda Benjamin.

Lanee Danforth

Lincoln County DA Elect