Amanda Benjamin for circuit court judge

Amanda Benjamin for circuit court judge is the right choice for Lincoln County.

I have seen Judge Benjamin in action countless times and strongly believe she’s the best choice. This is what I know: she has integrity, is whip-smart, is calm and analytical yet also compassionate, treats everyone with the same respect and open mind, has proven to be an independent and thorough thinker, cares a great deal about children and families and is a work-horse. 

So much crime is committed because of two major issues in our society: addiction and mental health struggles. Our county has a Drug Court that strives to divert those with addiction into services and out of the revolving door back into the criminal justice system. The goal is to reduce recidivism (which, by the way, saves us all money) and help people help themselves to become better family members and more productive members of our community. Judge Benjamin met with community partners and initiated a Mental Health Court that has similar goals of reducing recidivism and ending the repeat cycle of crime. I’m so impressed with this proactive and compassionate aspect of Judge Benjamin, and with her fairness and belief in the dignity of us all. 

Currently, Judge Benjamin is serving as pro-tem judge, carries a full criminal docket (including Measure 11 criminal trials) and has the endorsement of the two elected judges, plus Judge Sanders. They recognize what it takes to be a great judge. Pro-tem judges are temporary and renewed annually, should funding be available. I urge you to vote with me for Amanda Benjamin so we are ensured six years of her excellent service and don’t lose such a rare and capable individual to another county. 

Please take a look at her page, for more.

Anna Semple



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