Affordable housing? Vote Claire Hall

Four of five candidates for county commissioner name affordable housing as their top priority (after the COVID-19 response). However, only incumbent Claire Hall can say she has delivered on her signature policy issue by increasing our workforce housing stock. How? Through her skill at working collaboratively and acclaimed resourcefulness.

In 2019, a 21-unit project in Yachats opened. In 2020, the 110-unit Surf View Village project in Newport will open. She has funding for 10 additional units of housing dedicated to veterans in Toledo, opening in 2021-2022. She started our Community Land Trust that has, so far, brought homeownership to 10 families.

Claire admits these achievements have taken too long. Much, much more is needed.

Forging pivotal relationships takes time. She often says that stable, affordable housing is the platform on which individual, household and community resiliency are built, but not everyone agrees. Gov. Brown agrees. In 2021, Gov. Brown acknowledged Claire’s expertise by appointing Claire the chairperson of the Oregon Housing Stability Council, a prized assignment.

As the housing council chairperson, Claire can now laser focus on low and moderate-income housing. The housing council sets policy for loans, grants and funding for acquisition, rehabilitation and construction of affordable housing. The council advises elected leaders and agencies about legislation affecting the supply or cost of workforce housing.

The housing council is the champion for affordable housing, and Claire’s rural experience will inform her actions, guaranteed.

Claire’s chairpersonship of the housing council makes her incomparably more qualified to tackle the urgency of the priority issue of four candidates.

We have come too far to squander the opportunity that Claire’s chairpersonship has created to increase sustainable and affordable housing our rural workforce deserves. Lincoln County needs to acknowledge this and re-elect Claire as Lincoln County Commissioner.

Monica Kirk

Robin Hochtritt

Unincorporated Lincoln County


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